10 Powerful Habits of the Most Healthy and Productive People


The most successful people don’t have habits that require magic or complexity, they just know the most effective ones. And now you do as well

As humans, we’re creatures of habits. Habits are important because they engineer how we act, think, and feel in particular situations. They can guide us into success and happiness towards our biggest dreams and goals. Or, they can lead us to frustration and disappointment about never reaching those dreams and goals.

If you’re looking to maximize your health and productivity, start with these ten powerful habits:

1. Become familiar with your “why.”

Every superhero journey, space saga, business pursuit, or artistic endeavor starts with a “why”. It all starts with knowing why you’re doing what you’re doing.

Luke Skywalker didn’t save the galaxy and defeat the empire just because. Batman didn’t protect Gotham just because. Steve Jobs didn’t help create the iPhone just because. Mark Zuckerberg didn’t just create Facebook just because.

Once you have your motives, this provides your gasoline and courage to continuing on the journey even during those inevitable tough days.

2. Scheduling is everything.

If you talk about it, it’s a dream, but only once you mark it on your schedule does it become an actual thing. Many proclaim they want to get healthier, start a business, and quit their job, but what story is their schedule telling?

Talk is great, but the action is even better. If it’s a priority, then it’ll make its way onto your schedule.

3. Think big, but take small and actionable steps.

Pursuing new goals and improving on current endeavors can feel overwhelming initially. If you feel overwhelmed, this means you’re trying to take too big of a step.

Don’t quit, just make your daily actions smaller. Keep breaking your goal down until it’s something that feels manageable in the current moment.

4. Daily routines are key.

What you do on a consistent basis matters more than what you do sporadically. Daily routines are essential because they instill discipline and structure to your day. Your daily routines start with establishing morning habits that propel you to success for the day.

5. Rest is essential.

In a world that awards badges of honor to those who overwork and hustle themselves into the ground, it’s important to not overlook your rest and recovery.

To fire on top cylinders requires that you allow your body some downtime to recharge through sleeping.

Without sleep, your waistline, productivity, happiness, and bottom line will suffer.

6. Action (even imperfect) takes precedent over everything else.

Fortune favors those who show up and take action, even if it’s imperfect. You’re only going to improve once you step onto the playing field. Planning and planning is a disguised version of procrastination.

7. Commit to the long term game.

We live in a microwave generation where many want results yesterday and since they don’t have them today, they give up or start complaining. Unfortunately, success doesn’t operate under a microwave vacuum.

To truly succeed with your health and improve your productivity requires patience and experimentation. Everything isn’t going to work out at the beginning, nor will the journey be smooth sailing.

Understand that chasing immediate gratification only leads to long term agony and disappointment.

8. Be mindful of your environments.

You are who you hang out with and where you spend your time at. If you hang around those who eat junk food and don’t prioritize their personal growth, then expect yourself to follow a similar path.

Your environment is pivotal because it has the ability to affect the way you see the world and how you interact with it.

Take an assessment of the company that you’re currently keeping. Are they inspiring you or deflating your spirits?

9. Be mindful of what you consume.

Not only with what you eat but also with what you’re consuming in regards to what you read and listen to. Understand that if you want to change your business, life, and body, then this stats with changing your daily consumption habits.

10. Don’t play the comparison game.

The most energy-draining game to play is the comparison game. In today’s hyper-connected world, it’s easy to fall into this trap because around every corner is someone seemingly doing something way cooler and bigger than you. They’re healthier looking, richer and having more fun, but don’t fall for this illusion.

Understand that your specific journey is about you and only you. You are your only competition. Don’t let the illusion of someone’s full-length feature film compete and compare with your raw and unedited behind the scene footage.


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