Faithflows Impact – Yvonne Salano

Back in July of 2020, I was going through so much darkness in my life, I came across Faithflows media on Facebook and decided to give it a try, I mean, I really needed prayers at that time. I reached out eventually after signing up and to my surprise I got so much help emotionally, mentally… Pastors, brothers and sisters called me n prayed with me, others offered help to buy me foodstuffs, I got blessed. I’m from Kenya but I received calls all the way from Nigeria and Ghana and I felt like I have people who care out there. Eventually things changed for me through these prayers. Am so grateful faithflows came through for me in a way I needed more. Thank you so much coz this impacted my life positively. God bless u

Name: Yvonne Salano
Faithflows: @ivy


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