Empowering Volunteers in Hunger stricken Nations our priority

Recently, faithflows Inc. rolled out a robust program to bring out the essence of life by serving others, ensuring impoverished communities are free of hunger, and empowering disadvantaged teen orphans transitioning to self-sufficient living in Africa.

With many parts of Africa experiencing the worst food crisis in decades, Faithflows aims at providing a unique opportunity to elevate youth to the decision-making table, mobilize action, and solutions to challenges facing poor communities in Africa and beyond. A community of startups, freelancers, and small business solutions to solve Africa’s unique challenges through;

Building a network of like-minded change makers
Free Webinars, where youth come together to discuss issues of their concern
Share and gain knowledge by interacting in the community

Everything we do is driven by the determination to close widening digital and transferable skills gaps, and a passion to empower young people and their communities. Programs that foster love, build skills, grit, and empathy for long-term self-sufficiency and community growth.

This, we believe, will present an innovative approach that addresses relevance, and equity, as well as meeting Sustainable Development Goal 4, which advocates for quality education to all persons no matter who they are or where they are.

We are leveraging innovation and digital skills to scale up learning for young people from underserved communities. The covid-19 pandemic caused one of the largest disruptions in the entire economy and investing in skilled coaches to conduct live practical guides provide an opportunity for newbie entrepreneurs to create a successful venture and the ability to have their output match their input in brilliance and uniqueness thereby lifting communities out of poverty.
The essence of life is to serve others and to do good through Love In Action. This is what informs Faithflows’ Volunteers as an integral part of the change.

“Volunteers remain on the ground at all times. They inspire future generation

Mindset change is essential in transforming the lives of Volunteers and their host communities. Our program enables young people from economically vulnerable communities to grow as transformative leaders, and polish their skill-set to develop their communities.

Faithflows has helped volunteers, particularly in Africa, to reach out to impoverished persons and Orphanage children who many times feel low and down through periodic Care Drives.
“Building an environment of warmth, and reassurance bring back the lost glory among the hunger stricken children
But this is not without challenges. As a non-profit organization, Faithflows find it difficult to garner sufficient and continuous funding to fully support its mission. Skyrocketing prices have led to a shortage of life essentials in many countries. A single Care Drive costs approx.$1000 or way above and this prevents the organization from reaching its target beneficiaries when needed most.

This trend impacts negatively on the organizational capacity to implement and fulfill its mission, particularly in training for capacity building, maximizing the use of current technologies to facilitate better communication and networking. This leads to a massive off-track on our goal of ending extreme poverty in one of the poorest nations.
We are committed to uplift the wellbeing of individuals and communities around the world, with special focus on the disadvantaged youth in Africa. We love God and work daily to share that love with our neighbors. From our uplifting daily content, to our programs that educate and mobilize the youth to help the less fortunate, there’s something for everyone. It’s our prayer that God will use us to make a difference in your life. You can support our mission by praying, donating, volunteering, sharing, or starting a fundraiser


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