Walking the talk; need of every child

Children are a gift from God, and deserve to be loved and protected by humankind. Their spirits are full of innocence, joy, Love, and a gentle feeling of liking is very important for their positive self-esteem.

In addition love, a warm, and cuddly relationship helps them feel secure, and helps them clear from the feeling of pensive sadness. So important is the need to care for their well-being, that Jesus said,

“Whoever receives one child like this in My name receives Me”.(Mark 9:37)

On many occasions, he took them in his arms and blessed them.Loving children is more important than any material goods and makes them less worried, and optimistic.

The place of caring for the children, and acceptance is asking for goodwill to help them live up to their standard, fly and blossom. The ultimate goal has a long-term impact on them such as;

The mental well-being
Improved physical health
Increased brain development and
Strong relationship between parents/caregivers

However, while some of the cures to the above issues are primarily pegged on parental attachment, millions of the most vulnerable children in Africa continue to suffer the most, due to political and volatile economic times.

As difficult as it may be, there is a need to support them in their early stage, and help is needed now more than ever, to improve their well-being and productivity in society.
God is positioning Faithflows to parent children honorably, and help them find their lost hope.Would you help us provide food and other basic necessities to young children in distress. No amount is too small to save lives.

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