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Hello and welcome to Faithflows, A Global Christian community platform with built-in social media and e-learning tools. As a church leader, there’s a lot you can do here to establish and grow your ministry with a local and global audience.

  • Create Church Group Page with sub groups
  • Add on-demand courses to train various groups ex. New members, volunteers
  • Engage Groups in dynamic forum discussions
  • Announce & Promote Church Events
  • List job/volunteer openings
  • Create & Promote Personal Profile

To start with,  create your Faithflows account with these simple steps ?

STEP 1: Account Registration

You can also access the registration page directly from

Alternatively, if you are on a preview page, locate and click on the signup button on the top navigation bar on PCs or Side Navigation bar on mobile to bring up the registration page.

Complete the form to create your membership account.

Note! There are various member types, select the member type Pastor/ Church leader, Instructor or Group leader if you will be using the virtual classrooms

An instructor/Pastor account gives access to our instructor suite to add courses for site visitors.

STEP 2: Update Your Profile

Like any online community, it’s important that you establish trust by completing your profile with some details about yourself and community.

Accessing your profile

Users are directed to the profile page after login. You may also access this page from the photo menu on the right side of the top navigation bar or the side buddypanel

Changing Profile Picture

From any of your profile related pages,

  • Hover over the default circle with a user profile image, a pencil will appear.
  • Click on the pencil to upload an image from your phone or PC.
  • Resize the image cropping to your desired view and click crop to save.

Changing your Cover Photo

You can change your cover background by following the same steps above.

  • Hover over the cover background to reveal a pencil icon at the top left corner
  • select your desired background to save.

Unfortunately the cover photos don’t currently crop. However, we are working on adding the cropping feature to resize and move the cover background to the desired location.

Changing the Cover Image

Other Profile Information

To edit other profile information, from the profile page, click on the edit button and complete the forms available. Switch between tabs to complete other info.

Changing Your Membership Type

Note! You can change your membership type from this page. Choosing between Pastor, Instructor, Site Member or Guest.

Now, create your group with the following steps. You can name it, For Eg. Thursday Bible study group or Exploits Singing group and invite members to join the group. 

Step 3. Creating A Group Page

Groups are a great way to engage your members online. You can have a private or public group with a hierarchical structure. A public parent group and then private subgroups for teaching and engaging various ministries in the church. Public groups allow members to join without requesting permission. Private groups require general site members to request access.

As a group organizer, you can invite members to a private group who will bypass the request access option.

To create a group visit the Groups page under the community link and click on “Create A Group” link

Follow the wizard to add details about your group.

Note on the settings tab, you can select a parent group for the group. If you are a church with multiple sub groups, You must first create the church group without a parent group. You can select the first group as a parent group for subsequent groups you create.

Step 4 Managing & Growing your Community

more details on managing your group coming soon.

Engaging Members

Adding An On-Demand Class

Holding Live Meetings


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